Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


How To Make Hinge Sounds

This is a basic tutorial on how to make hinge sounds for Sidekicks with Adobe Audition, the process is the same in other programs, Audition is just my preferred application. Please notice it is very important that you verify that the final file size for your hinges is less than 100 KB, anything bigger than that will not work. In this video I used the MP3 format because MP3 compression allows you to make longer sounds with a smaller file size, and I find that the 56 kbps, 22050 Hz format sounds really good on the sidekick but the sidekick is NOT limited to MP3 and other popular audio formats will work as long as the file size is less than 100 KB.


Free Bubbles For Your Themes

If want to make your own themes but don't feel like making bubbles, feel free to use my bubbles for your personal themes but remember to give me credit for my work if you decide to post your themes anywhere.

Clear Bubbles

Clear Bubbles
These bubbles will match any theme,
I wouldn't use them
on white backgrounds because they become invisible.

Black Bubbles

Black Bubbles
These bubbles look better on dark themes,
They can easily match any theme with black in it.

How To Make Bubbles

This is a basic tutorial video on how to make bubbles similar to mines on Adobe Photoshop. You can use what you learn from this video and your creativity to make your own bubbles. In this video I did the 68 x 68 bubbles but the process is the same for all of them, only the image size changes. If you start-off with the biggest size first you can just shrink the same bubble to the smaller sizes, the other option is to redo all sizes from scratch.


Top 5 Favorites

I have made many themes for my personal use and to share with the sidekick community. I will obviously not post all my old themes on here but to start-off the blog I'm going to give you my personal Top 5 Favorite themes.

#1 - Cracked LX

Cracked LX

Sidekick LX - Sidekick Slide - Tony Hawk SkLX

#2 - Famous Stars and Straps

Famous Stars and Straps

Sidekick 3 - Sidekick LX - Sidekick Slide

#3 -Nintendo


Sidekick 3 - Sidekick LX - Sidekick Slide

#4 - Alienware


Sidekick LX - Sidekick Slide

#5 - Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Sidekick LX - Sidekick Slide

Welcome To My Blog!

After making more then 250 free themes for the Sidekicks, I think the least I deserve is my own blog....

So. Here it is, Cubanita's official blog! My very own blog!! I'll be using this blog to keep everybody updated on my latest posts. It was easy to keep track of my themes over at before but with all the new theme makers that have recently invaded the site, it's has gotten out of control. I will continue to post themes in the sidekick sites but I will use this blog to keep my themes organized.