Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Custom Sidekick 08 Shells

Everyone knows the hottest thing about the Sk08 is that you can change the shell on it. I'm sure most of the Sk08 users are already aware of custom shells & so this is not a tutorial video or anything like that but I thought It'll be cool to show you how you can make custom shells out of your favorite Sidekick themes. I've already ordered a couple shells, the quality is not pristine but they look decent for $14.99.

In this video I made shells to match three of my recent themes, all the pictures I used to make the shells are included with the themes so if you like how it looks, download the theme by clicking on one of the images below and create your own! The images to use will most likely be BG1, BG2, foldec, and phone splash depending on the theme. This can be done with any theme from and

Graduation Shell
(click on image for the theme)

Graduation Shell

Hi Hater Shell
(click on image for the theme)

Hi Hater Shell

Juicy Couture Shell
(click on image for the theme)

Juicy Couture Shell


cutiepie2510 said...

I love all your themes. But I'm just wondering how do you get your name across the top of the phone where originally it would say T-Mobile ?



CubanitaStylez said...

It's just for show, sort of like branding, it doesn't actually shows like that on my phone, it's only for the screen shots.

Jose said...

OMG I love your matching shells with the matching themes looks hot keep up the good work ma I always rock the new stuff with ur themes lol.

eightyeighthands said...

i left a comment on your youtube video as well, but i figure i'll ask on both to be safe.

i've already designed many a shells but haven't ordered any because i haven't gotten the phone yet.

but what i've noticed is that the outer sides stay the base color when you preview the phone. for instance, your kanye west shell had white rims because it won't let us layer over the sides like that.

my question is does it ship like that too or do they conveniently fill in the sides also so it doesn't look tacky since it won't let us do that ourselves?

CubanitaStylez said...

Yes, They ship out like that. That's why is better to pick a base shell that matches better with your images. I don't know why they don't allow to change the sides, maybe they'll fix that later on.

sidekik_pimpin said...

Whuddup I allready got the graduation theme I wanna kno where you get the shell from hit me up williams22@tmail

Xochitl said...

Hello, I've heard from two girls that I can go to a website and customize my ringtones in my sidekick. Actually they did that, do you know anything about it?

jennybeex3 said...

the site doesn't work anymore D:
I can't find any other website to customize my shells. Does anybody know?