Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


T-Mobile G1 Collection

As we all now the T-Mobile G1 is already out and although the "Are you switching to T-Mobile G1?" poll showed that most Sidekick users are not planning on switching, there were 1.5 million G1s sold to existing T-Mobile customers and I wonder what percentage of that 1.5 million had Sidekicks. Anyway, for those who want to switch but are stuck with the Sidekick because of many possible reasons, I've put together a collection of themes based on the original wallpapers from the T-Mobile G1. Due to the major differences in the operating systems of the phones, it is impossible to make the themes any better but I think this is good for now, feel free to leave any suggestions. The collection includes 14 themes available for the Sidekick LX/08 and the Slide, click on the images below to download.


Halloween Stewie

I wanted to make a Stewie Griffin theme to put on my Sidekick for Halloween but Family Guy doesn't have any Halloween episodes so I couldn't find any Halloween related Stewie pictures. Therefore, I decided to dress Stewie as Jack Skellington for my theme. The video below shows how this was done but it is NOT a tutorial on how to do it. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you should be able to get ideas on how it was done just by watching.

The Stewie Skellington theme is available for all Sidekicks and I also made wallpapers for your desktops, Happy Halloween!




Icon Psds

In the last few months I've been using icons on some of my themes that look similar to the Sidekick's default icons but vary in colors. I've decided to share my PSDs so you can edit these icons to your liking. The set includes default like Im, Sms and Apps icons. I did not include Pim & Games icons because those can simply be switched with any pen and controller images. The PSDs come in three sizes SM, LG and XLG. The regular sizes are SM & LG but I've been using XLG icons lately on some of my themes so I decided to include those too. The PSDs are meant to be edited on Adobe Photoshop and the icons may look different if edited with GIMP.

Icon Psds


Till I Die Skulls Exposed

This video uncovers how the "Till I Die" themes from & were created for those interested in making their own version.


Baseball Cap Fitting

I've done a few baseball themes with the instant messaging icon wearing your favorite baseball team's cap, this video shows you how I do it. This video is not meant to be a tutorial, I'm just sharing some of my tricks for new Photoshop users who might be interested. My baseball themes can be found at by searching for Baseball Icons.

Baseball Icons