Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Default Sidekick Themes

I know that most Sidekick users are probably bored of the default Sidekick themes but I still get a lot of people asking me for them so I decided to post them. These might come in useful if you're interested in making themes based on the defaults like my Cracked themes, Joker's Sidekick, Juicy 08 or my recent Hybrid theme. They might also appeal to you if you own a Sidekick LX and want the Sidekick 08 themes and vice-versa. I didn't want to post these as simply wallpapers so I added to all the themes my default like bubbles and icons but If you'll like the themes with the real defaults, I made a video you can watch below that shows you how to remove the custom ones and revert to the defaults. Click on the images below to download the themes!