Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Are You Missing Out on Key Guards?

The key guard is the image displayed on your Sidekick when it's on idle. All my themes come with a key guard included and sometimes the key guard image is the best part of the theme but since the key guard is never loaded automatically on the new Sidekicks (08/LX/Slide), it seems a lot of people are missing out on them. I don't think anyone should miss out on key guards so I'll briefly explain how to load them on your phone.

1 - Load the theme to your phone as you normally would but do not disconnect the phone from your computer.

2 - Find the theme's folder and copy the JPG file (some themes may have more than one key guard). If you have thumbnails enabled, the key guard is always the biggest image on there.

3 - Paste the JPG file in the DCIM folder of your phone's memory card then disconnect the phone from your computer.

4 - On your Phone go to: Settings... Key Guard & Security... and Select the Image.

5 - Press and Hold the back arrow button to view the key guard!

You can also watch the video on "How To Put Themes On A Sidekick",at the end of the video there's a part that shows you how to load the key guard.

Here are some cool key guards for you to try!

Sidekick ScarfaceThe Joker ScarfaceScarface CartoonSk The Joker


meerski said...

yo man i donno if you take requests or not but can you PLEASE! make me a lil cartoon one for my 08
but can you make the character lupe fiasco?
man that would be so tight
or could you tell me how to do it lol

CubanitaStylez said...

Sorry I'm currently not taking any requests.