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How To Add Key Guard To Phone Splash

I recently posted some phone splashes for the sk08, now I'm posting some splashes for the LX and the Slide. I figured nobody really wants the default LX & Slide phone splashes but I've also included splashes for the Slide Scarlet and LX Tony Hawk which might come in handy if you like phone splashes in your themes. The real reason why I'm posting these splashes is for customizing. Obviously, If you wanted a theme with the default splash, all you have to do is not use one and the default will be loaded but what if you can make your splash match your actual theme or/and shell? I'm sure more people will be using splashes specially sk08 users.

The video below will show you how to customize the phone splashes to display the same key guard you have on your phone replacing the default T-mobile/Hiptop key guard usually on the splashes. In the beginning of the video, I also showed an easy way to change the shell color of your phone splash to match your real shell. You'll notice in this video I used a different splash for the sk08, similar to the one that comes with themes from the Danger Download Catalog. You can download the new set below! The key guard used in this video is from the Kidrobot x The Simpsons theme.

Sk08 PhoneSplash v2
SK Phone Splash Pack


vtbabygirlx281 said...

How do you change the color using gimp?

CubanitaStylez said...

There's really no easy way I know of to do this on Gimp, except for actually recoloring the image but you can try with the color selection tool, go to:

Select-> by Color (set threshold)
click on a pixel of the color to change
then just drag and drop the new color on the image.

Lyric Lee said...

Is there anyway to add the key guard to the splash with gimp?

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