Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Free Sidekick Icons Pack

These icons are free for your personal use but don't forget to give me credit for my work if you decide to post any of the themes you make using these icons anywhere. If you don't feel like renaming the icons to match your Theme.txt file just add or replace these lines on your Theme.txt file:

bitmap chooser-category-im-large imlg.png
bitmap chooser-category-im-small imsm.png
bitmap chooser-category-games-large gameslg.png
bitmap chooser-category-games-small gamessm.png
bitmap chooser-category-apps-large appslg.png
bitmap chooser-category-apps-small appssm.png
bitmap chooser-category-pim-large pimlg.png
bitmap chooser-category-pim-small pimsm.png
bitmap chooser-category-sms-large smslg.png
bitmap chooser-category-sms-small smssm.png


Anonymous said...

Yea hi I have a sk 08 nd was wondering if u could make a kidrobot theme/ the classic robot or ed if u anit noe about this check out the website anywayz thx 4 ya tyme

that said...

Hi is it possible to change the other icons? My faves, web browser, catalog, etc?

CubanitaStylez said...

It is not possible to change any other icons other than AIM, SMS, GAMES, PIM and APPS