Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Sidekick Screen Shot Creator

When I first started making Sidekick themes, I was only making themes for the Sidekick LX. Once the Sidekick Slide came out I started getting requests to convert my themes, I did not own a Sidekick Slide so I was not comfortable making themes for it because I didn't even know how they would look on the device. I decided to start making fake screen shots for the Sidekick Slide. The fake screen shots will not only help me assure that the theme will look good on the device, but also allow me to show people what the theme will look like before they download it. The screen shots for every theme I've posted for the Sidekick Slide so far are fake, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a real screen shot and a fake one. Now I've organized my psds so that you can also create your own screen shots. The psds are compatible with both Photoshop and GIMP but only on Photoshop you will be able to edit the signature on my custom top bar. Watch the video below if you're not familiar with layers so you can understand better how to use the psds.


bunny22 said...

Just wanted to say thank you again! Since I have my 08 I am able to still do Slide screenshots because of your simulator!! Great Job!

CubanitaStylez said...

You're Welcome!

star.kiss said...

hey CubanitaStylez I was wondering how do you uploading a pre-created theme on

CubanitaStylez said...

You have to register so you can get an user name then just go to "Upload Theme".

You need to have the theme in a zip file and at least one screen shot to be able to upload. you can make screen shots of any theme on your phone by pressing
Menu+Shift+Right Shoulder (attaches to e-mail)
Menu+Alt+Right Shoulder (saves in album)

Make sure if you post you write good descriptions with proper spelling, otherwise your themes will not be searchable.