Are You Getting The Sidekick LX 2009?


Converting Videos For Sidekick

The Sidekick LX got an update for video playback a few months ago and the new Sidekicks (08 & Tony Hawk) both come with video playback capabilities. The video quality is not all that so I hadn't bothered with it but I know a lot of people are interested in putting videos on their Sidekicks so I figured I'll show you how. If you already have the videos you want to put on your phone on your computer, all you have to do is download eRightSoft SUPER to encode the videos. Any video converter will do the same job but SUPER is free and already has codecs integrated so you won't have to download codecs in order to encode the videos.

If you don't have any videos to try this with, the video below shows you how to download your favorite videos from YouTube and encode them for playback on your Sidekick. The settings I used on SUPER may not be the optimal settings because I'm not sure what encoding format provides better playback on the Sidekick but in my other attempts, I had problems with video lagging at higher quality and audio ending up out of sync at lower quality. The settings shown in this video are simply the ones that I believe yielded the best results for me. Video and audio settings may differ depending on the source of the original video but the video scale should always be set to 400 x 240 for full screen video. If you have tried any other encoding format that you believe provides better quality videos feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Download eRightSoft SUPER

Download YouTube Videos Using URL
**Add "&fmt=18" at the end of URL to download HQ (MP4) version of videos**


britt said...

i used to use SUPER as well but now i use because it converts your stuff without having to download a program, and allows you to download/convert straight from youtube and other video sites. just to let you know :)

CubanitaStylez said...

yea there's many ways to do this but some people already have the videos they want on their PC and it would make no sense to have to go online and upload the videos and then download them again. If you have the software on your computer is much faster and you have more options as far as the encoding format goes. The reason why I went on YouTube on this video is to show people that don't have any videos to convert how to get them for free from YouTube but for people who already have videos on their PC, once they download SUPER converting all their other videos will be a one step process.